How to view the grid in zbrush

how to view the grid in zbrush

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Zbrush Reference - Image Plane, See through, Grid, Spotight
Hi Guys, so im getting this Grid lines in my viewport(kind of like photoshop transparent checkered bg).Is there a way to disable it? Go ahead and hold down the shift key while you're rotating your view, to lock to a perfect top view, and I'm gonna turn off perspective. Just in. The grid can be turned on for different axes by clicking the axis letters at the top of the icon. Turning all three axes on in the icon will activate a floor grid on every axis.
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  • how to view the grid in zbrush
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All grid options are saved, including the images. In this mode, the polygons facing forward will be more transparent while those near the edges will be more opaque. ZBrush Usage Questions.