Badass warewolf zbrush

badass warewolf zbrush

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Making Killer Creature Alphas for ZBrush
Igor Rech, a 3D artist and Zbrush sculptor, is a Sekiro fan and sculpted this badass Wolf. The level of detail is absolutely mind blowing. ZBrush � Photoshop. 3 Comments. Marc. Indie Game Developer badass. I love this! Like; 4y. Load More Replies. Ilya Royz. cool werewolf effect. It's actually reaaaaally tough to reimagine a werewolf and do something that hasn't been done a million times before.
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Okay added a lil jaw bone, touched up the ears a bit. I sculpted the character in Zbush long time ago and tried to create the vector displacement within Zbrush at that time, but that all failed leavin me to create normal maps and displacements. Really nice update�I like the mouth area�very expressive! Beautiful sculpt! Ill be back!